Thoughtbox’s award-winning Audio Visual department is ready to start working on your next television commercial, YouTube, corporate video, radio ad and web stream now! In fact, anything do with audio video, we are your one-stop shop.


Corporate Videos

Nothing promotes a product or business like the moving picture. For maximum impact, why not enlist Thoughtbox to produce, shoot and edit your next corporate video. We can take care of the process from start to finish, from the copy writing to the royalty free background music to DVD production.

The best part is it's affordable. As we can take care of the complete production process, we can provide a higher quality product at a fraction of the cost of other production houses.


Television Commericals

With years of experience producing Television Commercials (TVC’s), Thoughtbox can provide a superior product than the networks at a very competitive price. Network editing suites are under constant time pressure and have a set amount of time to work on TVC’s. It’s no wonder that many network produced TVC’s look the same and uninspired. Thoughtbox will take your vision and turn it into reality, with high quality motion graphics, visual effects and voice copy that reflects what you think, not what a stranger to your business thinks.

We like to get our customers involved with the creative process and with mobile recording we can even come to your workplace and record your voice for your TVC!

We talk the television networks language, delivering the TVC on time and in a high quality, digital format directly to editing suite. We can take care of all statutory requirements including CAD classification, audio levels, etc. All you have to worry about is the increased sales!


YouTube & Web Videos

For that added wow on your website, video is the way to go. From custom animations to complete videos, Thoughtbox can provide the highest quality for the least bandwidth. We can get you on, embed video into your website and even create small file size email videos.


Choose your delivery medium

We’ve produced the video – how do we get it to your customers? We can work with you to establish the best delivery medium or mediums and, most importantly, deliver it fast! We work at in high quality by default, meaning transcoding your video from DVD, Bluray, USB stick to the web is as simple as it can be.


Custom Background Music and Jingles

We are musicians at Thoughtbox, and there is nothing we love more than writing music for our customers. Choose a style and let us know how long it has to be and we can provide royalty free catchy, professional music. Once you purchase royalty free music from Thoughtbox, you can do with it as you wish – no strings attached!*

Need a jingle? We have access to many different singers ranging from smooth jazz style to hard rock and beyond. We’ll even write your lyrics if you need us to. Thoughtbox can provide the ‘hook’ to get your customers singing your jingle all day long!

*Conditions apply. Contact Thoughtbox for details.