IT Support

The heart of many modern businesses is its IT infrastructure. A poorly supported computer system at best can affect productivity and at worst bring the business to a stand still. For absolute professionalism and understanding, look no further than Thoughtbox.


General Support

Thoughtbox can support all levels of your computer system, from re-building a virus infected PC to identifying malfunctioning hardware. Any question you have about your computer can be answered by Thoughtbox, just ask us. With years of IT support experience, we have a practical understanding of IT support – we fix problems with a minimum of fuss – all explained in easy to understand language, no techno babble!



Thoughtbox currently support networks that range from 2 workstations in a workgroup to a 100+ workstation domain serving Unix, Linux and Windows. Thoughtbox are experts in networking, and we will bring that knowledge to your business. If your business needs a new network, upgrade to an existing network or a total overhaul, we can implement it.


Do you have enough backup?

Backup is like an insurance policy – you only miss it when you need it – and you would run you business without insurance. Yet a high percentage of businesses don’t have an adequate backup regime of their critical files and information.


Private IT Support

We can also provide your personal IT support. Computers are as much a part of our home lives and business lives and require just as much support. Small home wireless networks, virus removal, security - private solutions are just as important in day to day life. Don’t let your home PC gather dust because a virus has slowed it down to unusable speeds, bring it back with Thoughtbox.


Catastrophic Event Plan

Back up and redundancy are two of the most important and overlooked aspects of today’s technologically reliant business world.

Without an adequate Catastrophic Event Plan (CEP) your business could be brought to it knees at any moment. Thoughtbox can complete an audit of your current procedures, test their effectiveness, present a report on any problems and improvements and implement the improved procedures. It doesn't end there though ... Thoughtbox can perform routine checks to make sure your system's back up and redundancy plan is functioning.

We are experts in CEP's and have consulted to all sized businesses both locally and nationally. Don't leave your CEP until it's too late, act on it today.