Our Services

We create content.

So you've probably looked through our website and thought, "I get it, they do it all!". You'd be right in thinking that, but let's just spell it out anyway. It never hurts to be clear in our business - in fact, getting a message across loud and clear is our business!


Marketing & Campaign Development

From Concept to Delivery.

Driven by results, professional and always going above and beyond, we are an agency that will get to know your business, engage with your customers and achieve your goals.

We have a little bit of an advantage here - because we are a production house as well as an agency, we get 'it' from the start. When we work through an idea with a client, we're thinking production and delivery as well as developing a campaign that cuts through and achieves on all levels.

We also play nice with others. If you have existing relationships with media partners we will work with them with a common goal in mind - the best results with the highest return on investment.


Thoughtbox Digital is the complete solution. We encompass design, video, audio, animation, post and delivery in one place.

With our purpose built recording studio, post production hub and years of experience in the creative industry, we are the complete package. This means continuity in the production process and more bang-per-buck for you, our client.

Nothing is lost in translation, production is fast, efficient and the finished product is on the screen as timely as possible.

Our equipment and software is industry standard - Adobe, Canon, Focusrite, Avid, DJI, Rode, Datacolor, Sennheiser, Allen and Heath, JLB and Sony. We are completely cross platform and cross technology - Windows, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux, desktop and mobile.



We are committed to and experienced in providing high impact images of the utmost quality in a timely manner.

"We are professional photographers"... yeah, you've heard that before. We know, we've heard it too.

The difference is we are professional - we specialise in corporate photography and understand what is needed to fulfil a commercial brief.

It's the little things. A friendly atmosphere is always created on set. This immediately relaxes the talent and, at the end of the day, makes for images that are believable and urge the viewer to want to be a part of the scene. Directing our subjects is a very important part of setting the scene and it is something we pride ourselves on at Thoughtbox. Making the talent relaxed and join in the creative process is key to ‘that special picture’. Where appropriate, we live by this rule - make them comfortable, make the shot!

By the way, we can take care of all your photography needs, from food to architecture.


Professional grade audio equipment capture the sound in our studio and it's on call 24/7. No need to book expensive studio time - it's in-house, top quality and always available. 

“We cover all things audio at the Thoughtbox Studio. Music, voiceovers, SFX and jingles, no worries. All in-house with the quality you expect from Thoughtbox.”
Need a voiceover? We can provide experienced voiceover artists for your production, both male and female for affordable TV, Radio or web based audio. Our mobile recording set-up makes onsite audio a breeze, we can even come to you.

Original, royalty-free music in all styles and custom jingles for you business are our specialty. 

Our mix room is full of the best audio gear and instruments used by pro musicians and engineers - Focusrite, Midas, Audient, Rode, Shure, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Fender, Gibson, Maton, Yamaha, Bogner, Marshall, Laney, Allen and Heath. Our software suite and DAW is also top notch with software and plugins from Adobe, Slate Digital, Waves, IK Multimedia, Dolby Labs, iZotope and TC Electronics.